November 18 – 20, 2022

 Jesus is there waiting for you.

Come and make yourself truly present to Him as He is to you.

Experience the Real Presence:

From 10:00am on Friday, November 18 through 4:00PM Solemn Closing on Sunday, November 20, our parish will be observing its annual Eucharistic Devotions, with the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar in Church.

Parishioners who take advantage of this time for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament find it to be a time of peaceful resting with our Lord Jesus. If you have not participated in Eucharistic devotions, I encourage you to discover what many Catholics find to be such a rich source of personal and communal prayer.

Quiet time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament allows us to rest in intimate communion with our Lord. We especially encourage families to stop for a prayer visit. The amount of time will have to be adjusted with young children. This can provide a deep religious memory for your children and a blessing for your family.

Solemn Closing of Eucharistic Devotions:

On Sunday, November 20th we will celebrate the Solemn Closing of our annual Eucharistic Devotions. Though we call the closing “solemn” it is a simple ceremony of Liturgy of the Word, Profession of Faith in Holy Eucharist, a Procession and Benediction.

People of faith desperately need to step away from the things that distract us from strengthening our life in Christ. Eucharistic devotions provide an opportunity to turn our attention to the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and to demonstrate that faith in solemn prayer and procession with the Blessed Sacrament.

Please make an effort to join the parish at the Solemn Closing of Eucharistic Devotions at 4:00pm, Sunday.

Solemn Closing of Eucharistic Devotions with Benediction is a beautiful tradition of our Church and is made richer by the presence of a large number of parishioners.

An Encounter with Jesus

For more insight and a helpful video regarding Eucharistic Adoration please see the following links provided from the Come & Receive Team.

We, St. Joseph Catholic Church, strive to be a dynamic, Catholic faith community, following the example of Jesus Christ