Board of Education

The purpose of the Education Committee is to promote, recommend, and evaluate parish-related education programs, particularly religious education programs, for all members of the parish including the parish school. Membership Information Membership – The total membership of the Education Committee shall be a minimum of 13 members and shall include: A President, Vice President, Secretary […]

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Contact Info

Rick Wolf


Phone: 859-547-9254

Officers / Members

Officers / Members

  • Rick Wolf – BOE President
  • Hannah Peters- BOE Vice President
  • Cathy Reed- BOE Secretary
  • Vicki Klocke- RCIA Coordinator
  • Stephen Fischer- PSR Coordinator
  • Jill Gast- Teacher Representative
  • Emily Urlage- Principal
  • Fr. Young- Pastor
  • Fr. Gedney- Parochial Vicar

Board Members 

  • Brian Donelan
  • Caroline Freiermuth
  • Adam Kremer
  • Matt Ledwin
  • Sharon Redmund
  • Kristine Willike
We, St. Joseph Catholic Church, strive to be a dynamic, Catholic faith community, following the example of Jesus Christ