Members of the parish are trained and organized to provide spiritual assistance and funeral planning for families of deceased members.  Volunteers are needed to help prepare food for funeral receptions. Contact Information Sylvia Officers / Membersr Sylvia Uebel – Member Deanna Schwer – Member Christine Ginter – Member

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Prayer Network

Members are welcome to pray in support of the entire parish, priests and family life and for those dealing with severe illnesses and difficult life challenges. For more information, please contact Mary Joan Steffen at 859-635-9494.

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Share a Prayer

Is there a prayer you treasure? Maybe one that you’ve composed or one that beautifully expresses what’s in your heart. Parishioners were asked to share their prayers and maybe bring another parishioner closer to the Lord. What a wonderful gift!

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Welcoming Committee

This committee contacts new parishioners and welcomes them to the parish.  They normally will meet with the family to answer their questions and give them a small gift from the parish. For more information, please contact Darlene Sandfoss

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We, St. Joseph Catholic Church,
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