About Us!

The Saint Joseph Drama Club debuted in 1978 with their first original musical comedy, Cabaret Capers. The club’s mission is to provide entertainment to the community while raising money for the parish and school. Individuals 18 years old (and out of high school) and older who like to sing, dance and have fun are welcome to join. The season runs from October through March, with performances being held the last two weekends in February and the first weekend in March each year. All performances are held in Memorial Hall. For more information please contact club president, Brian Merman at 859-445-9786 or by email at Brian.merman85@gmail.com.

Board Members & Officers

Brian Merman, President
Jake Hagedorn, Vice President
Amy Pass, Treasurer
Jen Kaufman, Secretary

Show Titles and Years

2022:  Holiday Hoopla

2021:  No Show due to COVID pandemic

2020:  Strike Out

2019:  A Manor of Wife and Death

2018:  Let The Games Begin

2017:  Bungle in The Jungle

2016:  Devil in Cold Spring

2015:  Now You See It

2014:  A Royal Arrangement

2013:  Under The Starry Sky

2012:  Scary Harry Quite Contrary

2011:  A Kiss From A Vampire

2010:  Is There A Doctor In The House?

2009:  In The Beginning

2008:  Caper Down in Cabo

2007:  Mobsters and Mayhem

2006:  A Knight To Remember

2005:  Wham! Pow! Zoom! In the City of Gloom!

2004:  Big Top Debacle

2003:  Witch Way To Sunnyville

2002:  United We Stand

2001:  Cheyenne Territory

2000:  Shiver Me Timbers

1999:  Out Of This Universe

1998:  No News Is Good News

1997-From Sea To Shining Sea

1996:  And The Beat Goes On

1995:  On A Wing And A Prayer

1994:  In The Nick Of Time

1993:  Pomp And Circumstances

1992:  End Of The Rainbow

1991:  The Butler Didn’t Do It

1990:  When Tomorrow Comes

1989:  Pacifically Speaking

1988:  Wrong Side Of The Tracks

1987:  And That Was Yesterday

1986:  Tis The Best Of Times

1985:  Wasn’t Me, Was It You?

1984:  Tuxedo Junction

1983:  Hooray For Hollywood

1982:  Meet Me At The Fair

1981:  Yip-Pi-I-O-Ki-Ay

1980:  Twenty-Three Skidoo

1979:  Showboat Shenanigans

1978:  Cabaret Capers

We, St. Joseph Catholic Church, strive to be a dynamic, Catholic faith community, following the example of Jesus Christ