Tuition Assistance

Saint Joseph Parish School used FACTS Management for our tuition assistance assessment program.  FACTS is the same company used for our tuition payment management.

Using FACTS for the tuition assistance assessment assures that the process is anonymous.  It provides a professional, uniform and objective analysis of each family’s financial situation.  It is fair to families that apply and to the parish’s limited financial resources.

Tuition assistance applications should be completed before June 1 of the current year.

FACTS Management requires only one application per family and will charge one $30 fee per family regardless of the number of FACTS-using schools the family’s children attend.

To apply for tuition assistance at Saint Joseph School:

  • Go to the FACTS Management System and enroll in a tuition payment plan
  • Click on the “Apply for Financial Aid” link
  • Complete the online application form.  Remember, only one application for assistance and one $30 fee is needed per family, even if applying at multiple schools.
  • Print or save a copy for your files.
  • Submit the application before June 1 of the current year

FACTS Management will send our Pastor an assessment of the family’s level of need and ability to pay.  That assessment will guide the determination of the amount of assistance the parish/school will provide.

The Pastor will send a letter informing each family of its tuition rate for the coming year.  If the family believes the aid is insufficient, they can meet with the Pastor personally.  The final decision is granted to him.

Our mission is for our students to embrace the gospel message, to be and do their best,
to be lifelong learners, and to live their Catholic faith.