As a parish school, we have a primary responsibility to provide the children of our parish community the opportunity to attend St. Joseph School. We also welcome non-parishioners who wish to attend our school.

To that end, we have established the following priority guidelines for enrollment at St. Joseph School. As described herein, “St. Joseph School” shall be defined as encompassing classrooms for grades PK-8.  Ordinarily a classroom for PK shall not exceed 20 students, a classroom for grades K – 2 shall not exceed 25 students and a classroom for grades 3 – 8 shall not exceed 30 students. The administration in consultation with the Pastor may limit or increase class size at their discretion.

  1.  No child will be admitted to school without proper certification of immunization.
  1. All student registration will be performed online.

There will be a priority registration period for current students beginning three weeks before the date of the January open house. Any student currently enrolled in the school will be accepted the following school year, provided they register within the priority registration period.

During registration, current 3-year old preschool students will be given priority to choose morning or afternoon preschool class for the following year.  New/incoming preschool students, regardless of parishioner status, will follow Section 4 (Open Registration) guidelines for class time selection.

Exact dates of the priority registration period will be announced each year.

Any registration received after the priority registration period will be considered late and subject to Section 4 (Open Registration) of the Enrollment Policy.


Open registration for new/incoming students will begin after priority registration ends.

If it is determined that St. Joseph School must limit enrollment, the below Selection Process for incoming students is to be followed.

Active membership is defined as being registered, sharing in the Sunday liturgy and stewardship of time, talent and treasure at St. Joseph Parish, St. John Parish in Wilder, KY or St. Joseph Parish in Camp Springs, KY.

First Priority is to be given to the longest active parishioners who have children attending or have children who graduated from St. Joseph School.

If further limitations are required, they will be applied based on the following order of influence:

  1. Longest active parishioners who do not have students attending or have graduated from St. Joseph School.
  2. Non-parishioners who have children who are attending or have graduated from St. Joseph School.
  3. Non-parishioners who do not have students attending or have graduated from St. Joseph School.
  4. If one final limitation is needed, the earliest timestamps of the online registrations will be used.
  5.  A family must be current in its financial obligation to St. Joseph School before attempting to register/re-enroll a student. St. Joseph School requires a registration fee of $100.00 per student entering PK– 8.

Priority Registration:  The fee must be paid within the Priority Registration period.  Should a family not be in a financial position to pay this fee, they must meet with the principal prior to the Priority Registration deadline to make other arrangements. If this is not done until after the registration deadline, the registration application will be considered late and the applicant will forfeit Priority Registration status.

Open Registration:  The fee must be paid within a week of submitting the online registration.  Should a family not be in a financial position to pay this fee, they must meet with the principal to make other arrangements.  If this is not done, the registration will not be processed.

The registration fee is not refundable unless the number of applications exceeds the maximum number of positions available. If there is not an available space for a registrant by the first day of school, the fee will be refunded. If, however, a position is offered and refused, the fee will not be refunded.

A committee of the pastor, the school principal and appointed members of the Board of Catholic Education at St. Joseph Parish will interpret and/or arbitrate any discussions or disputes concerning this policy. This committee has the authority to amend and/or revise this policy.

  1. Any appeal regarding the decision on admission must be made in writing to the pastor.
Our mission is for our students to embrace the gospel message, to be and do their best,
to be lifelong learners, and to live their Catholic faith.