Tuition Policy

Every family is expected to pay tuition of (amount to be set annually by St. Joseph’s Parish Council with recommendations from the Board of Education and Finance). This tuition is to be paid over a 10 month period from July through April. Payments are to be made no later than the 15th of the month. Each family is expected to make 10 equal payments or the equivalent to satisfy the tuition requirement.

St. Joseph School is partnering with FACTS Management,, to manage our tuition payment program. Families will enroll with FACTS Management. Families will be sent a monthly statement on the 1st of each month (July-April). Families that are one (1) month or more behind on their tuition during the current fiscal year, will have their child(ren)’s report card(s) withheld until payment is made. Families that are three (3) months or more behind on their tuition during the current and/or previous school year, will be notified that as of (a specific date) their child(ren) will not be admitted to St. Joseph School. Immediately following April 15th, a written notice will be sent to all families with a balance due. Families with a balance due as of July 1st will be notified, by letter, that their child(ren) will not be admitted to St. Joseph School for the next year.

We are pleased to offer FACTS Payment
Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Needs
Assessment on the same platform.

Access the FACTS System

The permanent records of a student exiting St. Joseph at any time for any reason will not be forwarded to the new school until all financial obligations have been satisfied.

The Board does not wish to exclude any child from St. Joseph School for financial reasons. If a need arises, the family is to contact the Pastor to review the circumstances and arrive at a tuition payment representative of the family’s financial condition. Final decisions in this regard are granted by the Pastor.

Our mission is for our students to embrace the gospel message, to be and do their best,
to be lifelong learners, and to live their Catholic faith.