As our school counselor my primary focus is the social and emotional well being of our students.

I believe that promoting mental health awareness is essential for our students to enjoy and maintain safe and healthy relationships in life. 

Confidence-building, self-esteem, resiliency, managing feelings and behaviors are many of the topics that I work on with our students both individually, in small groups, and in the classroom. 

Collaboration and supporting our teachers, as well as parents, is another necessary aspect of having a positive school experience. 

Parenting challenges seem to be a part of our daily lives. Please feel free to call or stop by to discuss parenting ideas/issues, or to check out our handouts, booklets, and books on a variety of topics.

May your days be filled with life!

Our mission is for our students to embrace the gospel message, to be and do their best,
to be lifelong learners, and to live their Catholic faith.