If St. Joseph School delays or closes because of bad weather, radio and television stations will announce St. Joseph, Cold Spring by name. But because there are so many “St. Joseph Schools” in the tri-state, that may result in some confusion and omissions. The information is given to the stations very early (before 6:00 am), and we rely on them to put it on the air as soon as possible.

We will also use Sycamore, our data management system, to give you a call and an email.

When we make the decision regarding school closings there are many items to take into consideration. Our primary concern is the safety of our students, and I know, that is your concern also.

Please note the following:

  1. It will be announced on radio and TV.  The announcement will be:  “St. Joseph,Cold Spring is closed.” or “St.  Joseph,Cold Spring is on an hour delay.” 
  2. Usually when we are on an hour delay that means private transportation.  If that is the case that will be added to the message.
  3. We will attempt to notify all parents/guardians by email and phone call.
  4. You may always log into Sycamore and check the alerts on the right side of the screen for messages or look for the information under NEWS.
  5. The school will be open one hour before school begins.

 A word to the wise – technology does not always work.  We will do the very best we can to make this information available as early as possible.

Revised January 2014

Our mission is for our students to embrace the gospel message, to be and do their best,
to be lifelong learners, and to live their Catholic faith.